About Us

We make every effort to understand the needs of our customers, and are happy to assist with any technical issues.

VTM (UK) Ltd. supplies electronic components to businesses throughout the UK and the rest of the world. For more than 40 years, VTM has been a key supplier in the electronics market for passive components. We have expanded our portfolio to also include additional components, e.g Opto Devices, Discreet Semiconductors and Connectors.

VTM (UK) Ltd. represents many Blue Chip franchises, with products known throughout the electronics industry worldwide. Various products from these manufactures can be shipped "ex-stock", or alternatively can be quickly sourced for any of our customer requirements.

Quality at VTM

The Quality Management System documented by the company has been developed to the International Quality Standard BS EN ISO9001:2015, with the aim of improving company performance to meet customer requirements.

The company meets these requirements by continuous evaluation, by controlling Directors and Managers, of its Products, Resources, Procedures and Processes to ensure that this continual improvement not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.